Digital Antenna Control Unit

The Digital Antenna Control Unit DACU is a fusion of hardware and software components that, once linked with a ground antenna, manages its motors to accurately align with satellites and capture incoming signals.

One of the key enhancements of the DACU is its intuitive user interface.
The integration of modern web technologies not only provides a sleek, contemporary look and feel but also introduces user-friendly tools, such as real-time signal plots, which assist antenna operators in their tasks.
This ease-of-use reduces the need for operator intervention, boosting efficiency, and minimizing the potential for human error.

The DACU implements the following operational mode:

  • Stand-by mode
  • Preset mode
  • Step-track mode
    • A position optimization based on the received beacon level
  • Program track mode
    • a sequence of preset based on embedded real time satellite ephemeris
  • Step track augmented mode
    • a step track mode enhanced with program track as backup mode
  • Memory track mode
    • A sequence of preset based on the step track recorded position
  • Progressive orbit prediction mode
    • The DACU records the antenna positions and calculates a mathematical model to predict the satellite position, more data ensure more accurate predictions
  • Manual mode through hardware switch located on the front panel of the DACU

The DACU project, with its integration of current technologies and focus on user intuitiveness, represents a significant stride forward in the field of satellite communication, enhancing operational efficiency, reliability, and safety.

The other antenna interfaces are connected to the APDU:

  • Two limit switches and a motor alarm for each managed axes
  • Emergency push button
  • One or two speeds antenna motors through proper drives or simple contactors
    • Using drives it is possible to implement track and slew speeds also with single speed motors

Key Features

  • Web-based, user-friendly Operator Interface
  • Embedded algoritm
  • Orbit prediction
  • Two Lines Elements
  • 11 Parameters
  • Fully compatible with the preexisting DYNATRON
  • HTTP Protocol for customer monitoring and control Interface

In addition to its intuitive design and modern technological underpinning, the DACU offers robust safety measures.
It is equipped to proactively detect or prevent potential malfunctions, such as faulty motors or adverse wind conditions.

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